Special message to our dear Diaspora Ugandans

At FRESPE Uganda we value you our brothers and sisters in the diaspora. We know you are working hard and long in Europe, USA, UK, China, Japan, South Africa, UAE and other many countries on the globe. We recognize and appreciate your significant economic contribution to your motherland Uganda. Statistics, as at 2016, show you remit close to 25% of the budget of Uganda.  We understand you send money back home for buying land, construction or buying of residential houses, construction or buying commercial buildings, and renting spaces for business, among others.  You have overtime sent such money and entrusted relatives, friends and acquaintances to get you land and also manage construction. Information shows most you have been cheated by these relatives and friends you have entrusted with your hard earned money. Even those that have tried to use property agents (bakayungilizi) have not found professionals who can be entirely trusted and are able to offer full range of services from land, design and construction. These agents concentrate more in vending land plots.  Today, owing to the fact that Government has marketed such a product through National Housing & Construction Corporation, upper tier diaspora have taken up apartments in NHCC estates. A number of developers who are interested in commercial buildings have resorted to contracting big construction companies. Small and medium size developers with relatively lower incomes have been left out. The bigger developers are NOT paying for befitting costs but paying high overheads of these big constructors.  FRESPE Uganda Limited, as a medium size company, is seeking partnership with you. To that end we have developed property and construction service packages for all income levels in the diaspora. Our offers are based on our values of integrity, trustworthiness, cost effectiveness, quality, and timeliness. Looking forward to Partnering with you.  Managing Director.

The problem we are solving for you our Diaspora Customers:

The long standing problem of the diaspora  developers being cheated by relatives and friends.  
The problem of high construction costs  charged by large-size contractors.
The problem of small and medium size developers  having no cost effective source of construction services
Why you can trust us.

1. We are a legally registered company in Uganda under No.118472  2. We are operating in physical office in Uganda.  3. We shall always sign contract agreements under witness of our clients’ lawyers of their choice  4. We shall operate a bank account through which you will send money for traceability.  5. We are website linked with social media. Our clients are able to view projects progress.  6.Clients are given express authority to refer to our other clients, bankers, URSB, and lawyers.  7.The directors and team are professionals with high integrity in Uganda.

Diaspora Project Packages 

Package I


We get you land in Uganda in places of choice as our esteemed client

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Package II


We work with you our client to construct on the land in package 1 or your existing plot. We are open to agreeing phased construction option with clients.  

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Package III


We provide property management services, rental negotiations and maintenance services.

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