FRESPE UGANDA LIMITED is a limited liability company incorporated in Uganda in 2010 under No 118472 to offer  a wide range of services and solutions in Design, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance and related services in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Water Engineering, Branding and Property services. Our major business objective is to provide our services that meet our customers’ needs of Quality, Timelines and Cost effectiveness with great focus Safety and Environmental concerns. The company has got well qualified, competent and experienced management and staff in our trade. We have adequate tools and equipment to deliver our services. We have built necessary partnerships to hire any equipment from time to time.     

Vision statement

To become the service provider of choice in Uganda by anyone anywhere in the world

Mission statement

To deliver excellent services based on firm relationship building by delivering quality, in time, cost effectiveness and with integrity in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. 



We shall exhibit highest levels of integrity and honesty at all times


We earn, maintain and enhance trust from our clients and staff at all times  


We shall respect all the people and stakeholders

Compliance & Accountability 

We ensure compliance legal, professional and technical standards and principles everywhere we do business.

Team Work

To deliver value and quality, teamwork is paramount

Open Communication

We shall maintain easy flow of information among our staff, management and customers at all times.


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)

not safe not done

The Management of FRESPE Uganda Limited has fully committed to the establishment, proper implementation and continual improvement of Health, Safety and Environment and Quality Management in our operations. We pursue “Goal Zero” (Zero fatality or harm to people, Zero Loss or damage to assets, Zero damage to Environment and Zero Quality failures in our projects). Priority objective is ensuring safe workplaces and neighborhood and continual elimination of identified hazards as well as assessment and control of possible risks in the execution of tasks. In executing works within the activity of the Company, the management and supervisors of the company take measures for full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to preservation and protection of the environment. To that end the Company has established robust HSEQ Systems.